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This is me (Benjamin) when I was about 9 years old

The Herpetarium's 9th year at Camp Blue Haven went very well. Due to the inclement weather and few specimens being found the cage was not brought out until Thursday of the second week, but there were some interesting discoveries and some very nice herps.

The year really began at the CBH 50th reunion back in May, when one of the young pre-campers in attendence found a salamander. At Fourth Session I did not have the privelidge of seeing any amphibians, but the first week quite a few plateau lizards were discovered. On the Barillas Peak hike, of which I was a part, two horney toads were found, and then the second week of the session someone found a big fat horny toad and a smooth green snake. I feared my snake hunting days were over, but on the second all-day hike I had the opportunity to enjoy this activity once again while the rest of my cabin played football. Only garter snakes were found, but it was fun to hunt for critters once again.

But the highlight of the session was this: the first confirmed sighting of a skink! By "confirmed" I mean that I beheld it with my own eyes, and did not just hear of it. You can't rely too much on the identification skills of some of the young campers who see these things, so it was very exciting when I saw the slick little lizard with a blue tail. I haven't yet researched to find what species it was, but I'll keep you posted.

As you enjoy the different critters around camp, remember that they are all part of God’s awesome creation, and although it's neat to keep them in cages for a while, they're always happier in the wild.

-Benjamin Bruce


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